What’s your Watch?

Watch schedule runs from 5:01pm thru 5:00pm each week on Fridays

All entries should be completed  by 5:00pm on Friday to be included on that weeks discussion

Your watch can never be wrong.  You are in complete control of what moves you!

Discussion on Posts is encouraged

Get watching, keep sharing, and spread the power!

15 thoughts on “What’s your Watch?

  1. Well, well, well my friends this decision is a tough one for me. I watched “The Fugitive” for the first time this week. UNREAL! So great, so intense, so full of suspense. However my WOW has to be Philomena- based on a true story- Judy Dench is wonderful as always- a very emotional story!


  2. Still can’t believe MuryB had never seented the Fugitive

    Some of Tommy LJ best work

    For minez, this week’s nod goes to “Hell Baby”

    Starring Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb’s ole fine aah, and Keegan Michael Key

    Solid underated dark comedy


  3. This week has been quite a week. From ” Big Trouble Little China ” to ” Mortdecai ” and ” Sex Tape ” :::::::;;; #1 . Dumb & Dumber to #2. Summer Rental.


  4. Had not seen ” Summer Rental ” in years and I gots to say it was exceptional, but in the end ” Dumb & Dumber to ” is just to good.


  5. I have watched 3 movies this week…

    1) “Are You Here” w/ Zach Galifianakis & Owen Wilson

    2) “Now You Know” written & directed by Jeff Anderson from Clerks w/ Kevin Smith

    3) Captain Phillips w/ Tom Hanks

    All were good but I think I would rank them in this order.


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